Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year... to me!

Happy New Year!  Yes, I realize that it is customary to say this on the first day of January however to me January 10th is officially my new year.   I cannot mentally go into a New Year until I officially have all of my Christmas decorations put away.  While most of our Christmas attire is "down" the problem is it is not all put "up".   We will just say some of it is in a holding area, a consolidation place called my Dining Room table!  And all the while many bends have been carted away it's just not all done.  Never fear, my mental goal (of not reaching personal failure) is January 10th.   I admire my friends who can get it all down two days after Christmas but for some reason I have a mental block to that.  I don't know if it's because I am saddened that the most beautiful holiday season is over, or because I will miss the lights, the music, the warm feel of family and friends, or that my son will call me the meanest Mom in the world when he comes home and finds his Auburn tree gone or for the simple fact that I just don't want to do it.  Never the less I am typically slow compared to my peers.    But come January 10th I am pressed like never before to whisk the last of the Christmas decorations into bends before my hubby comes home from work and thinks I have hit rock bottom.    

So today as I gently wrapped ornaments and breakables I began to go over my resolutions as if it were New Years Day.  A time of self reflection of all the things I wanted to seek for myself in the year to come.  To have my priorities in alignment with our Lord and Savior, to shed 20 pounds and the 10 I acquired during Thanksgiving and Christmas (yikes that 30 lbs.!) to organize our home like never before,  to write more  letters, to spend more quality time with my children, to sew- I have wanted to sew since the day I gave birth to my daughter, to help my dog loose weight (what that wasn't yours?) because frankly she needs to and lastly to blog more.  Okay, lets just say to start blogging-  I desperately want to blog.  I opened up a gmail account 6 years ago just because I wanted to blog and each year this is one of my New Year's resolutions but with 4 posts in 6 years I wouldn't call myself a blogger.  Oh but I do blog, mentally that is.  However when I go to post my thoughts I also want to rock my page with cool borders, flowers maybe polka dots and some amazing font (I am a visual person) and then once I figure out how to do that I have to get in a carpool lane somewhere.  But this year, 2013 I want to chronicle life and it's happenings not that we are so interesting but because I want to look back and remember it well.  Most of all I really want to meet my New Year's resolutions.  So badly that I am going to a class next week on turning Resolutions to Revolutions!  I keep reading articles that say we should never make any New Year's Resolutions because they are unrealistic.  Really?  That's often because we just make them that.  So call them what you want:  resolutions, goals, changes, whatever the case why wouldn't we want any excuse to start over.  A clean slate, a new beginning, a reason to make oneself better!    So finally, after much needed attention, that's what my Dining Room table became to me today -a clean slate, yes a new beginning!  Happiest  New Year to you my friends and family... may we be better than before!


Sarah said...

Yay for you blogging! That is one of my goals for the year too, and I also have 30 lbs to get rid of. So let's cheer each other on! Go Heather!

Lynda said...

Well, it looks as if you've achieved one of your goals already! On the right track so far!! Off to a good start, Heather!!